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Edible Oil Direct is a independent family owned company established in 2004. We pride ourselves in operating a closed loop management system which is supplying all types of quality edible oils to the catering trade.

All products to the fish and chip shop industry with the exception of fish.

We offer a licensed waste management system for the collection of the waste cooking oil plus all the relevant customer service assistance in the Health and Safety and Environmental standards to assist our customer needs.

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In 2004 Peter O’Hara was working as a senior manager for a well established business. Now in his 50’s he wanted something else before he retired, if he retired that is. That something else was to form or work in a closed loop business which is –

With this in mind he left his job and started his own business. That business was Edible Oil Direct. This was the first stage of his vision to sell a product, cooking oil and reclaim the same oil in the form as waste. The waste oil at this time was sold on to be made into products such as animal feeds or cosmetics  however, Peter wanted the waste oil to be devoted to another cause and with the demise in the waste in animal feed by the BSE crisis, that new venture was biodiesel.

Please be aware of E-mail scam

We have been made aware that companies have been receiving emails from fraudsters impersonating us.

Our company is called Edible Oil Direct LTD.

Email: info@edibleoildirect.co.uk Tel: 01797 364100

We will never correspond with you under any other email address.

If you are in any doubt please contact us on 01797 364100

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